Fastest way to test Google/Local fonts on any website

SnapFont makes it easier to test any font on any website. All you need to do is to install the Snapfont browser extension.

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Auth0 website with the default font vs Brandon Grotesque applied via Snapfont

Why should you test fonts on live websites?

As designers, we have to test various fonts and see which one is the most applicable to the project.

Often times, testing fonts on a font foundry's page doesn't give us the whole picture. For example:

  • Some fonts look completely fine on a certain size. But lower then beyond a certain size and they often look pixellated - especially on non retina screens
  • Checking multiple fonts is quite time consuming. Plus, most premium font foundries show a image version of the font, which means we don't know how will they look like in action.
  • Testing fonts on live websites gives us a better picture of what kind of fonts should we use. When checking fonts on a live website, we know how does a font look like in various sizes, colors and weights.

With Snapfont we can overcome these issues by testing the font directly in the browser.

Try out body and heading fonts

With Snapfont you can test fonts combinations.
So you now know that a particular sans serif looks great as your heading font.

Preview fonts

Take any font from the Google Fonts library or from your locally installed collection for a test drive.

Glyph library

Each font preview comes with a list of character glyphs from the basic latin glpys to eccentric symbol glphs.
As a bonus, Emojis are also included for quick access.

🔍Preview all Google Fonts

With nearly 1000 fonts available, preview any Google font instantly

👶Easy to use

No login businees, just install the extension and start previewing fonts asap.

🌎Works everywhere

Doesn't matter if the website is build on React, Vue or some fancy Javascript framework. Snapfont will work everywhere.

Over 500 designers are using Snapfont to choose fonts for their projects.

Get a valid license key from Gumroad after installing the plugin.