5 Google fonts you shouldn't use ever

  By Shash7. Posted on 24/05/2020 - Updated on 5/8/2022

Here are 5 worst fonts from the Google fonts library. They are not necessarily bad - and definitely not as bad as Comic Sans. But read this before you pick a font for your next project.

Open Sans

Overused. If you use this, you're signalling your brand left behind in the 2010s


Another overused font. But while Robots is a good UI font, it is incredibly bland. Like boiled-broccoli bland.

And its strong linkage to the Material styleguide doesn't help. Material has got a lot of criticism for its bland look and Roboto is a key part of that sentiment.


It was good while it lasted. But ever since this font's popularity skyrocked, people have been using it in the most inappripriately way.

Work Sans

Hard to work with. Not a bad font but it needs adjustment


Rip of Myriad Pro. Good looking font until you see the ampersand! Why would you thrash your font like this? It doesn't even make any sense.